The Spay Neuter Project started when a small group of volunteers in Jefferson County, Tennessee, decided to do something about the huge numbers of pets flooding area shelters.  We learned that per capita, the number of animals surrendered to Jefferson County shelters is almost five times the national average. We knew that the solution is to prevent unwanted kittens and puppies from ever being created.  We also knew that spay and neuter services have long been available and yet many unwanted pets are still being born.  We decided that offering ultra low cost spay and neuter would help both the people and the animals of Jefferson County. We contract with surgical facilities in Knoxville to perform operations at affordable rates. If someone simply can't afford the full cost, we raise funds to help them pay. 
Welcome to The Spay Neuter Project.; a small group of people who met while volunteering at the local animal shelter. Frustrated by the number of animals being brought to the shelter, this group of unpaid volunteers decided to do something about pet homelessness and overpopulation in East Tennessee.
We began our organization in June, 2018 and in August of 2018 became a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to helping both the people and the animals in Jefferson County. Providing access to ultra low cost spay neuter surgeries improves the health of the animals fixed, benefits the people of our community, reduces the number of calls to Animal Control Officers, and relieves overcrowding at local shelters.
Unwanted litters are often taken to the county shelter which is already overcrowded. There are simply too many animals to find homes for all of them. Limited space, limited staff, and limited funds mean that despite the heroic efforts of shelter staff, a large percentage of the animals taken to the shelter will never come back out.
Other unwanted animals are simply abandoned to fend for themselves in the wild where they are subject to injury, disease, exposure, and predation. No humane person could advocate such a course of action. 
The number of unwanted animals in Jefferson County is staggering. The need for our services is huge. The people in our organization work long and hard to address the issue of unwanted cats and dogs but the issue is too large for us to solve without your help.
As we move forward we need more people with us.  We need volunteers and members.  We need people who share our desire to help both the animals and the people in our community. Every little bit helps.  We need you to come join us.
Eliminate Pet Homelessness and Improve
Human and Pet Health and Safety in Jefferson County
PresidentBruce Dalgleishbruce@tsnproject.org
Vice PresidentConnie Downsconnie@tsnproject.org
TreasurerBetty Cazzarinbetty@tsnproject.org
SecretaryRobin Dalgleishrobin@tsnproject.org
TNR SpecialistKeisha Fullerkeisha@tsnproject.org
Pet Division - (865) 279-1276
TNR Division - (865) 340-9035
P.O. Box 241
Dandridge, TN, 37725

The Spay Neuter Project is working to reduce the number of unwanted animals in Jefferson County.  Please join us in eliminating unwanted litters. We need donors, fosters, and volunteers. Every bit of help we receive is greatly appreciated and is vital to accomplishing our mission.