Household Pets

Drop-Off Procedure for our Clients:
1. Call our household pet division at 865-279-1276 to be placed on our next available surgery date.
2. The night before your pet's surgery date withhold all food and water from your pet beginning at midnight.
3. Arrive at the CO-OP store at 106 Highway 92 across the street from Jefferson County HIgh School between 6:15 and 6:50. The transport van leaves promptly at 7:00 AM.
4. All vehicles must be parked in a CO-OP parking spot. Do not park near the gas pumps, the propane tank, or the registration table.
5. All cats must be securely contained in a proper pet carrier. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are cats to be removed from your vehicle until they are securely contained. If you do not have a pet carrier we will lend you one.
6. All dogs must be on a leash. If your dog has any tendency to be aggressive towards people or animals you must inform us before the dog is removed from your vehicle.
7.  Come to the table to sign your paperwork. We will attach a name label on your  pet carrier. Dogs will have a name label tied to their collar.
8. The driver of the transport van will determine the order in which animals are loaded onto the van. Once your dog is secured on the van your leash will be returned to you.
9. Don't worry! Your pets are in good hands!

Pick-Up Procedure:
The transport van returns to the CO-OP at 3:30. If it is going to be early or late we will call to notify you. Don't forget to bring your dog's leash.
2. Park in designated CO-OP parking spaces.
3. When the van arrives we will distribute your paperwork and E-Collars. We will then read the after care instructions. 
4. The van driver will unload the animals; cats still in carriers and dogs on their leashes.
5. Smile! We will be taking photos to post on our Facebook page (unless you'd rather we not do so)

Contact Us
For household pets:; 865-279-1276

For stray cats; 865-240-9035